What to Look For When Buying Empty Land?

What to Look For When Buying Empty Land?

In addition to buying a home, investing in the property sector can also be done through the purchase of a plot of vacant land. How, investors buy a plot of land that can then be inherited or waiting for the right time to be built or resold.

However, it turns out to buy an empty land though also must consider several things in order not to lose money. And this time Rumah.com will provide investment tips that will certainly be profitable. Here’s the review:

Select a Prospective Location

Buying property should start from choosing a prospective location. This is because the land can be a production of goods that produce added value if on it can be built homes, shophouses, and other property types.

Keep in mind, the land should have a high investment value. So choose a location that is really quite strategic. For that, consider the development of property selling value so that you have enough information if at any time will be sold or rented.

Check the Allotment

Before purchasing, it’s good to check the land allotment with the applicable city planning plan. If according to the provisions of the location to be used as a residential location, then you should use for housing. But if not used as non-residential, then build shop or other commercial property.

One thing to note, avoid the location to be used for roads or other public facilities.

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Try to get the best price

When buying, we recommend getting the best price offer. The trick, look from the provisions NJOP (Value of Tax Objects). If the price of land is below the NJOP value, then the price is the best price.

This could happen if the land owner is in need of fast money. However, the fair price is about one and a half times the NJOP price.

Do not forget to check the legality

The next step is do not forget to check the legality of the land. The land legality indicator can be viewed from the status of the land and its legal basis. Instead, buy a land with a Hak Guna Bangunan (HGB) or HGU (Hak Guna Usaha) certificate.

After that, check the validity period. If an extension is required, then monitor the deadline. To be safe, you can also use the services of a notary to check the legality of the land.

When you have bought the land, do not forget to immediately return the name of the certificate after purchase.

Immediately secure the location of purchased land

Finally, secure the location by fencing the ground as a boundary mark. This needs to be done in order to anticipate the occurrence of acts of invasion by other parties. In order to look more attractive, the guardrail can also be made using a number of plants. In addition to green, the soil also looks looked manicured.

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