What to Do If Convicted KPR Loan

What to Do If Convicted KPR Loan

Paying mortgage or mortgage repayment is a monthly routine for those of you who have applied for a loan to the Bank for their home purchase. However, what happens if one day you have trouble paying the routine bill?

The causes may be diverse, but generally, a faster rate hike from regular income rumah mewah increases is often the main reason. Some people even have to give up until finally do over credit to third parties.

And you can try some ways to keep your mortgage installments safe. The first thing you can do is contact the creditor. Notify your financial condition of bankruptcy so that communication keeps running smoothly.

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What are some things you can do to improve the condition? Check out some tips quoted by Rumah.com

Dare To Be Honest

Some people tend to avoid the bank when it is difficult to pay the mortgage. In fact, being honest is the best decision in a situation like this. That way you can be more calm and lighter paying installments in the coming months.

If possible, you can also request an adjustment of the number of monthly installments that fit your latest earnings.

Do not Wait Long

Payment of installment past the exact due date will soon be followed up by the bank as the lender. To avoid the things that are not desirable, immediately take the right decision.

The bank can take a quick stance if you do not show a cooperative attitude.

Apply Restructure

This is the next step you can take. Credit restructuring is debt repayment on terms lighter than before, with an agreement given by the creditor to the debtor.

Do not hesitate to take this step, because it turns out many mortgage debtors who do the same. This is in recognition of Eka Putri, Home Loan Account Officer in one of the private banks in Jakarta. “There are a lot of My clients who apply for the restructuring when they experience bad credit KPR,”

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Steps to Appeal Restructuring

Then, how to propose the restructuring? “Simply put, first come to the bank bring letter of objection installment installment to meet the marketing. Then ask to extend the term of installment, “he explained.

“The process is almost the same as the initial submission, because personal data already exists. Stay updated on the latest bank account or job description and paycheck. As for entrepreneurs, update the latest SIUP (Business License), TDP (Company Registration), and sales records. “He continued.

Eka continued, If the submission is approved by the bank, then the debtor will schedule time for the credit agreement of the restructuring before the notary. “The process of credit restructuring is fairly simple if you can show a cooperative attitude with the Bank, the costs incurred are also only to pay for notary services only.” Close.

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