What is Google Play

There is a new name or new features from Google, which is planted on Android that Google Play . What is a Google Play and for what it is Google Play .

Google has a unique way of introducing Google Play. Free google play codes not using advanced high-tech animation, the Internet giant was actually ‘only’ to bring a suitcase that contains a number of mechanical devices. Like what?

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This certainly is not any suitcase suitcase. For though looking old school, he kept a simple understanding about Google Play , the portal all in one that will replace the Android Market .

Google Play is mentioned also utilizes the power of the web. In the demo video, Google would like to emphasize that through this new service, users can download music files, electronic books, movies, and games via a single portal.

In addition, how to access it can be from a variety of devices. Ranging from smartphones, laptops to televisions. Of course, as long as he is connected to the Internet.

See changes made, analysts rate this as Google attempts to compete with Apple’s application store, App Store.

On Google Play, the Android Market will be called Play Store. While the content of the book, music and movie called Play Books, Play Music and Play Movies.

Android Market in tablet computers and smartphones will be updated to the Google Play Store icon in the next few days. This update is specifically for the Android operating system version 2.2 and above.

“Starting today, Android Market, Google Music and Google eBookstore become part of Google Play. In your Android phone or tablet, we’ll be upgrading the Android Market becomes Google Play Store app, “said Jamie Rosenberg, Google’s Director of Digital Content quoted as saying.

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