The old bike to sweeten the display Garden

The old bike to sweeten the display Garden

Children also need an accessory to sweeten it looks. However, when at home, no grounds could still decorated with other objects. One of them, utilizing the former objects at home. The former objects selected any course should be interesting with the shape or appearance which is already fixed. Among the large number of objects, oldbikes is one of the objects that are widely used to beautify the grounds.

Never seen a bicycle is in the garden and is surrounded by pots-potting plants? A display like that could also be featured in the garden jasa taman of your home. Basket or a seat at the back of the bike can be a container to put the potted plants. If the bicycle does not have a cart, install a Board in the area of the saddle as a place to put the plant.

Previously, the bike can be cleaned and painted it back, especially when you want toperform a new bike. However, if you want to accentuate its age, it is quite clear thebike. Afterwards, you need to figure out where to put the pot and the number of plants that will be placed in the body of the bike. If the bike has a basket, will certainly be easier. However, if does not exist, you can create a wooden cart and put in the back seat. Another way, by placing a Board or wooden beams at the top of the bike so that the potted plants can be placed in parallel.

Next, think of anyway where the bikes will be put. Preferably, choose an area that can accentuate its presence, such as trees and walls. In addition, when the old bike doesn’t appeal to You, metal or other materials can be designed to resemble a bike. Thus, two-wheeled vehicle is ready to transport the pot-gorgeous potted plants in the garden!

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