The city of Pontianak have “Digulis Extreme Park” for young people

The city of Pontianak have Digulis Extreme Park for young people

The Mayor of Pontianak, Sutarmidji, inaugurated the Digulis Extreme Park in the Park Digulis Untan, Sunday.


Digulis Extreme Park is the arena attraction bicycle BMX users. According to number one in the city of Pontianak, the arena is one of completeness for channeling hobbies and creativity of the young generation especially in Pontianak do BMX bike extreme attractions.


BMX park as the event to forge attitudes of the younger generation. I wants young kids it’s not brave, Pontianak sluggish spirit, “he said in Pontianak.


BMX arena is just one part of the many needs of the younger generation in funneling his hobby. For that, go Sutarmidji, City Government (City Government) Pontianak is constantly working to meet the needs of the young generation requiredPontianak.


He hopes, the existence of BMX Park is capable of bearing seeds athletes from those who have creativity in harnessing bike BMX in particular.


“This is also part of the campaign is fond of cycling in the city of Pontianak,” he said.


Mayors of two periods this ask campaign is fond of cycling among the people of Pontianak has continued to repeatedly undertaken. The goal, in addition to reducing air pollution, also so that the community of Pontianak remained healthy.


“If a healthy community, cost for expenses in the field of health also declining because it is more expensive to treat than to maintain good health, imbuh Sutarmidji.


In addition, the City Government‘s efforts in support of the campaign in Pontianakwas fond of cycling by providing bicycle lane as much as possible. Though not yet the whole of the available road bike lanes, but every road widening will be complemented with the provision of bicycle lanes. In fact, to the front sidewalkpavement, especially those that have a space wide enough, will be used partly to the bike path so that safer for bicycle users.


But unfortunately, said Sutarmidji, there is still some motorists, both two-wheeled orfour-wheeled, which does not respect the special bike lanes.


It should be, there are no bicycle users in those lines, lines that should be free frommotor vehicles,” he said.


In that occasion, the Mayor of gives a bicycle to a child at the time of the inauguration of the BMX Park. Himself indeed have long noticed the child every afternoon in the garden of Digulis. Every child wants to play, he often borrowed a friend’s bicyclebecause she doesn’t have a bike.


Yesterday I was already intent on giving him a bicycle so that she’s more spirited. If he’s in love with BMX Park, maybe she at any time so potential athletes for their achievements, “he said.

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