Tasting burgers ala Dian Sastrowardoyo in MAM’s restaurant

Tasting burgers ala Dian Sastrowardoyo in MAM‘s restaurant

Healthy food can also be delicious in the tongue, that’s the concept in the restaurant which provides full dining MAM nutrients without preservatives.


One of the specialty of this restaurant was The Disastr Burger that so signature styleDian Sastrowardoyo, one of the founders of MAM.


Their burgers are made from whole wheat bread, it consists of a double wagyu meat and cheese plus two layers of caramelized onion.


Its name is taken from the appearance of the cluttered, but it tastes delicious even though the shape is not guaranteed as attractive as the burger in a restaurant fast.


In addition to burgers is healthy, there is also El Patron Burger which contains chicken meat as well as jicanna and mango slaw. Fish lovers can taste Big Wave burger, fish fillet burger with tartar sauce.


There is also a K-pop typical bulgogi meat sandwich Korea, J-pop sandwich contains chicken seasoning teppanyaki menu as well as the rice bowl of K-pop and J-pop Bowl Bowl.


Rice here consists of a choice of brown or red rice that are rich in fiber. The whole burger and sandwiches made from wheat with hand-made sauces.


There are five types of secret sauce that depicts every character of the founder of the restaurant: p. Hunny Bunny (the classic mustard sauce honey), Ms. Snow Patrol (classic sauce mayo), Ms. Holy Herb (a spicy gochujang sauce), Ms. Fire Hazard (spicy sauce) and Ms. Dina-Art (tartar sauce).


MAM was taken from the usual dining term pronounced in the language of everyday conversation. Rena say MAM can also mean Mothers and Mrs. because its founderis a mother. In addition, children are also used to call his mother as “mam“.


The founders of MAM is the people who are behind the 3 Skinny Minnies, caterers of healthy food that has been running for the past three years: Dian Sastrowardoyo, Tana Suwardhono, Reina Latief Vardhana, Jessica Halim Alamsyah Hardiman and Princess.


We want to share healthy foods that are typically just create customers catering toa wider audience,” said Dian in the media gathering in Jakarta on Wednesday.


Dian describes whole foods in MAM made from fresh ingredients prepared tangah, without food coloring and preservatives.


According to Dian, the foods that are on the same as MAM food served, he and his companions for loved ones at home. The concept of the House is also embodied in the interiors are made as if the visitors are staying at home.


The food at this restaurant is similar but not the same as the cereal in catering 3 Skinny Minnies.


The food here is not a healthy food that makes thin, but emphasise healthy foods from natural materials,” explains Reina.


Meanwhile, foods that are provided in 3 Skinny Minnies indeed created specifically for a specific purpose, for example to deal with body or lower blood sugar.

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