Saving on the Cost of Professional Video – Without Compromising Your Brand

Looking to grab the attention of visitors to your website? Spending hard cash driving page views, but not successfully engaging, qualifying and retaining potential leads?

Using video on your website is a powerful strategy that, if done right, can increase the popularity of your web pages and make your web site visitors more “sticky”. However, poorly produced video with bad audio can drive people away, never to return. This is, of course, the dichotomy that all but the richest of companies face every day.

Producing professional video is expensive; we see prices averaging between £500 and £1,000 per produced minute. Amateur video is often seen as free to produce but unless the camera is in the hands of someone with reasonable videography skills it can do more damage than good when added to an otherwise high quality corporate website.

It is clear from the statistics that whether you want to earn money, share knowledge or simply increase website page views, video will help to create a dynamic web site that both attracts and retains visitors.

The use of video has become widespread across websites and social media channels. There are, however, many industries that aren’t using video as standard practice. For firms in those industries, there is an opportunity to take the lead and set themselves apart from their competitors. If they can figure out how to create high quality video without the price tag normally associated with professional video production.

What video should I make?

It is important to understand who is visiting your site and why. If your visitors are looking for information about a product or service then you should look to create video content that demonstrates your product or service; explains how to use video to install or set up your product; shows your product in use or is perhaps a training session for clients or staff.

Many firms use video to demonstrate expertise on a particular subject. They often create videos with opinion or in-depth information on their area of expertise or create regular vlogs (Video Blogs) updating visitors on trends in their market.

How does video help drive visitors to my website?

With good quality video SEO, you will drive traffic to your website because search engines now understand video better. Good quality SEO means using targeted keywords when adding titles and tags to your videos; creating a set of videos, each focusing on a different search term; and using multiple video sharing sites to increase back-links to your main website.

While most large organisations have a budget for professional video production, many smaller businesses are looking to save money by producing their own video content, albeit with varying degrees of quality and results.

‘Horses for Courses’

An interesting alternative is a mobile video editing app that allows users to automatically apply high quality editing and then publish the completed video literally in a matter of a few seconds. The app, which runs on both iOS and Android mobile devices, can automatically add photos, lower thirds (titles & captions), transitions, logos and licensed music, as well as voice-over recording.

Once edited, the video can be uploaded to a company website, submitted for editorial approval, or instantly published to social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

These type of mobile editing apps will never replace professional video production, but they can provide a cost effective solution for certain types of video content that does not warrant the comparatively high cost of commissioning a professional videographer.

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