What to Do If Convicted KPR Loan

What to Do If Convicted KPR Loan

Paying mortgage or mortgage repayment is a monthly routine for those of you who have applied for a loan to the Bank for their home purchase. However, what happens if one day you have trouble paying the routine bill?

The causes may be diverse, but generally, a faster rate hike from regular income rumah mewah increases is often the main reason. Some people even have to give up until finally do over credit to third parties.

And you can try some ways to keep your mortgage installments safe. The first thing you can do is contact the creditor. Notify your financial condition of bankruptcy so that communication keeps running smoothly.

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What are some things you can do to improve the condition? Check out some tips quoted by Rumah.com

Dare To Be Honest

Some people tend to avoid the bank when it is difficult to pay the mortgage. In fact, being honest is the best decision in a situation like this. That way you can be more calm and lighter paying installments in the coming months.

If possible, you can also request an adjustment of the number of monthly installments that fit your latest earnings.

Do not Wait Long

Payment of installment past the exact due date will soon be followed up by the bank as the lender. To avoid the things that are not desirable, immediately take the right decision.

The bank can take a quick stance if you do not show a cooperative attitude.

Apply Restructure

This is the next step you can take. Credit restructuring is debt repayment on terms lighter than before, with an agreement given by the creditor to the debtor.

Do not hesitate to take this step, because it turns out many mortgage debtors who do the same. This is in recognition of Eka Putri, Home Loan Account Officer in one of the private banks in Jakarta. “There are a lot of My clients who apply for the restructuring when they experience bad credit KPR,”

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Steps to Appeal Restructuring

Then, how to propose the restructuring? “Simply put, first come to the bank bring letter of objection installment installment to meet the marketing. Then ask to extend the term of installment, “he explained.

“The process is almost the same as the initial submission, because personal data already exists. Stay updated on the latest bank account or job description and paycheck. As for entrepreneurs, update the latest SIUP (Business License), TDP (Company Registration), and sales records. “He continued.

Eka continued, If the submission is approved by the bank, then the debtor will schedule time for the credit agreement of the restructuring before the notary. “The process of credit restructuring is fairly simple if you can show a cooperative attitude with the Bank, the costs incurred are also only to pay for notary services only.” Close.

What to Look For When Buying Empty Land?

What to Look For When Buying Empty Land?

In addition to buying a home, investing in the property sector can also be done through the purchase of a plot of vacant land. How, investors buy a plot of land that can then be inherited or waiting for the right time to be built or resold.

However, it turns out to buy an empty land though also must consider several things in order not to lose money. And this time Rumah.com will provide investment tips that will certainly be profitable. Here’s the review:

Select a Prospective Location

Buying property should start from choosing a prospective location. This is because the land can be a production of goods that produce added value if on it can be built homes, shophouses, and other property types.

Keep in mind, the land should have a high investment value. So choose a location that is really quite strategic. For that, consider the development of property selling value so that you have enough information if at any time will be sold or rented.

Check the Allotment

Before purchasing, it’s good to check the land allotment with the applicable city planning plan. If according to the provisions of the location to be used as a residential location, then you should use for housing. But if not used as non-residential, then build shop or other commercial property.

One thing to note, avoid the location to be used for roads or other public facilities.

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Try to get the best price

When buying, we recommend getting the best price offer. The trick, look from the provisions NJOP (Value of Tax Objects). If the price of land is below the NJOP value, then the price is the best price.

This could happen if the land owner is in need of fast money. However, the fair price is about one and a half times the NJOP price.

Do not forget to check the legality

The next step is do not forget to check the legality of the land. The land legality indicator can be viewed from the status of the land and its legal basis. Instead, buy a land with a Hak Guna Bangunan (HGB) or HGU (Hak Guna Usaha) certificate.

After that, check the validity period. If an extension is required, then monitor the deadline. To be safe, you can also use the services of a notary to check the legality of the land.

When you have bought the land, do not forget to immediately return the name of the certificate after purchase.

Immediately secure the location of purchased land

Finally, secure the location by fencing the ground as a boundary mark. This needs to be done in order to anticipate the occurrence of acts of invasion by other parties. In order to look more attractive, the guardrail can also be made using a number of plants. In addition to green, the soil also looks looked manicured.

Researching Sneakers Is Easy With This Guide

Searching for the sneakers you want will get challenging on account of many different selections. This article might help reduce several of the ideal approach to simplify the shoe-purchasing process. Continue reading to obtain some stable ideas about picking those shoes.

A lot of people available have one foot that’s slightly longer than their other one. Try to acquire some sneakers that’ll easily fit on your bigger base.

Never without trying them on both purchase sneakers on; don’t forget to walkaround. Should you choosenot test them effectively you might obtain sneakers. To help you figure out what type fits best try on several various shapes.

Researching Sneakers Is Easy With This Guide

Flipflops are not the most effective boot that can be constantly worn. Almost no support needed is n’t offered by these sneakers. Limit to when you are at spots near water your carrying them.

Don’t slide for the fantasy about “bursting in” your sneakers. Many people think they must break in an unpleasant pair of shoes. That’s not be true. The perfect shoes are the versions that fit indicates NEVER breaking within your sneakers. When the shoes do not feel comfortable initially you attempt on them, then don’t get them.

When buying shoes online, constantly look at the return policy. See when they have a money-back guarantee so that you do not get trapped with shoes you can’t actually use.

Don’t believe that bursting in if they’re quite unpleasant while seeking them on. Once you try on them they have to match properly. They may not stretch precisely the method you would like later. Until you eventually toss them, they may only distress.

Walk-in your shoes before you buy them. Go for a walk around to check out the sneakers. You’ll be able to experience any scrubbing that is happening with your sneakers. This will enable you to conserve some funds and moment because you won’t be acquiring something that does not fit poorly.

Get yourself some which ties just-so they can practice.

This lets the boot isn’t too big. Ask the team at the store for the one that is little.

Don’t pay underpay or a lot of for shoes.

So you may have something suitable to wear for each situation develop a boot series. You’ll get good results if you organize your sneakers along with your wardrobe.

Whenever choosing kid shoes, make certain they are more stable than fashionable. When toddlers start walking, their feet require sneakers that are challenging to safeguard the legs from damage. Athletic shoes are ideal for them. Avoid sneakers with smooth feet as they are more prone to result in slip and moves omdimas

Don’t select a set of workout shoes based merely on looks alone. You ought to visit a store that is specialized and also have them check-out your gait.This can make certain you to obtain the best shoes to your foot.

Most people enjoy a fantastic pair of shoes; nevertheless, many find it difficult to find the set that is perfect. When you are out buying fantastic tips on shoes can definitely assist you. Employ the assistance from this bit to acquire the sneakers you genuinely need.

Don’t Waste Your Cash, Consider Our Online Shopping Advice

You can aquire anything online.There are a broad variety of suppliers and auction sites available on the Net. Whether you need to buy something employed or fresh, anything can be bought at a discount. These details will assist you discover the top shopping.

Give consideration directly to view if any revenue that may come from the middle of the week. You can often discover exceptional midweek discounts with a little of research and obtain good ideas in the week’s middle.

Don't Waste Your Cash, Consider Our Online Shopping Advice

Only store through a Web connections.Hackers use private information to be stolen by public contacts.

Check your browser’s target bar before you enter your bank card data. If it starts with “https” it is okay as this means the web site is guarded, to proceed and it is safe to submit info. If it does not have this, maybe you are making oneself ready to accept identitytheft or scam because your individual information isn’t secure.

Critique your entire shopping cart application to be certain do you know what you’ll get.

In case you shop online frequently, try registering for providers that enable you to get free shipping. Check diverse solutions to ascertain what type is the greatest option for the condition.

This star indicates that the business has taken measures to maintain your data protected.

When there is a dispute that needs to become fixed, several sites also act as an intermediary. Others do not support with concerns.

Many retailers that are online present online codes to people that subscribe to their newsletter.

Check to seek out mobile apps for the retailers you enjoy best. This can be useful in many reasons. You’re able to search through items and understand recent offers as long as you’re having your vehicle restored or if you wait within your physicianis waiting-room.

There are numerous daily deal sites that offer deep discounts on things you might want hargapromosupermarket

Try with a business that’s positioned in the USA to look that is only. Purchasing at these suppliers allows national and state consumer guidelines to be invoked by you. That you do not obtain the U.S.

It’s really a good strategy to make sure a reliable service like advantages can deliver it; spending money on bigger shipment is sensible in this case if you are ordering an expensive piece. It is also advisable to cover the excess charges and that means you’re sure the offer is protected and also to purchase insurance.

Make certain that you understand the return policy of the web dealer is before you produce a purchase. That you don’t have to understand before acquiring something, what is active in the return method.

You most likely know you must try to find “https” rather than “http”.

Do not hand your Social Security number when shopping around the Internet.Be mindful out of any site that asks for private information to make a purchase. Your SS range is never a dependence on any type of purchase. To presenting your identity theft the door cans start.

after buying an item online check your charge card statement soon. Ensure that your charge is precisely what you believed you’d spent.If you view mistakes while in the amount youare incurred or added expenses you didn’t expect, contact the client support of the shop that is online immediately to protest. You should also contact your bank to match the costs.

Form them by measurement before browsing when looking for shoes or clothing. There is nothing worse than considering a fantastic couple of stilettos and then realize they’renot obtainable in your size. You can lower your odds by not having to find out those products out right from the start of being unhappy.

Do not put money into websites that looks strange. Do not suppose that the assumption of reliability.

Before you enter your order, if you view a spot for coupon codes, try opening a fresh bill and trying to find it. There are at that have online coupons listed certainly a lot of different websites you are able to look. Search utilizing the site’s name and see whether you need to use to your order. It requires mere minutes plus it might just help you to conserve lots of money.

Seek out online businesses which have a real presence within your condition. These company’s do not have to demand sales tax to out-of-state shoppers, and you may possibly save hundreds of pounds annually. You usually could locate contact info on the website of a business.

About wherever they prefer to shop online, ask your household. Your household and friends could help tips when your typical shops grow old.

Before you get something online constantly compare rates. There are lots of shopping sites that allow you can comparison shop. It allows you compare items hand and hand to view that is the best option.

BizRate and Epinions are for beginning your searches.They enable you to the tools to find out what is in a great deal appears like wonderful sites. Don’t forget to element in handling and shipping; this can help decide not or if you’re paying a price that is good.

Be cautious not overspend when shopping online. You could find some good bargains and items which you want, however, you must look into each selection carefully. Several outlets desire one to purchase easily by offering different time- deals that are vulnerable, don’t let your allowance is ruined by these methods.

You’ll look for an everyday or regular option at the most of online websites you visit. You must evaluate your chosen stores that are online frequently for more information about their latest deals. While you will get a fantastic deal in a flash selling, research the purchase price if it is the best bargain accessible to view.

Whether youare at discovering discounts generally speaking, or a lot of coupons, wonderful, you’ll enjoy the guidelines you’ve just read. You will be fit by only a little understanding squarely inside the driver’s seat for bargain hunting. Make sure by reading articles such as this one, because you never understand what you may discover you regularly increase your area of knowledge.

Advice To Assist You With Your Shoes

Many people discuss the obsession with getting shoes.Even if you aren’t preoccupied, the actual fact remains that you might want to own a pair. You might aswell take the time of high quality and to be certain which you get sneakers which are comfortable. Listed here is some assistance that can help you find the sneakers you actually wish.

Keep an eye on your allowance when purchasing shoes. Stay glued to the amount you’ve put aside for boot purchases. Income could accumulate and allow you to to get shoes you really do not need.Just obtain the thing you need and remain inside your expenses down.

Advice To Assist You With Your Shoes

Lots of folks have a foot that is marginally longer compared to different. You’ll need as a way to have ease shoes suit both toes.

Never get without trying them on sneakers; do not forget to walk around. You ill or could get uncomfortable -installing until you walkin it a boot is. Tryon various measurements in order to find out which is the best.

Flip flops are not the top boot that can be constantly worn. Almost no help required is offered by these sneakers. Reduce to if you are at areas near water, your sporting them.

Use footwear that feel relaxed in your feet. It’s important to maintain the feet well. You are able to do long-term harm to your feet in the event you continue to wear shoes that donot fit properly.

Moist just one foot’s bottom and step on white paper. The damp places will show what type of arc you’ve. This is useful if you to acquire a boot that’ll fit easily.

An excellent pair of shoes must be comfortable instantly. You are able to end up with base issues once you break-in shoes that are uncomfortable.

Get a set of sports shoes.If you go, running, exercise or just tennis, you’ll need shoes that can be utilized of these actions. The feet will be supported by them correctly. Sneakers that have been not have suitable help the feet and will actually cause damage to your body.

Walk-in these sneakers before buying them. Walkaround the boot store to ensure appropriate suit as well if you are relaxing as they are doing. You can then feel rubbing that is happening together with your sneakers. This may enable you to save somewhat money since you won’t have sneakers it doesn’t fit badly.

Record just how many miles you run in your preferred operating shoes.Running sneakers have them to a lot of use. They are definitely just great for roughly 400 kilometers, which means when this can be you must-know.

Which means you selection to match with different clothes create a great shoe selection. You’ll get good results once you organize your outfit with your ensemble.

Be sure you do not buy sneakers until later throughout the day if you are shoe-shopping. Legs are inclined to swell through the day. Plan your shoe-shopping trip for an early evening or late in the evening. This means that your sneakers can fit each day.

Not or whether you’re somebody who genuinely enjoys sneakers, they’re anything you have to utilize daily in either case. Consequently, it’s wise to make sure that what you do use is something which is relaxed. Place to use that is great when making shoe possibilities.

Browse The Importance Of A Dome On The Place Of Worship Of Muslims

Browse The Importance Of A Dome On The Place Of Worship Of Muslims

The role of the mosque is indeed very important, because all the people of islam enables it as a place for bermunajat to the divine. On this basis, then a mosque designed in such a way that will create comfort and make every muslim is always interested to visit him with purposes that are related to the Affairs of the religion.
In the development of every mosque administrators always give more attention kontraktor kubah masjid over the dome of the mosque can be said to be a symbol of grandeur. It is said so because if a mosque has a large dome shape and decorated with ornament, then it could be said the mosque has a very magnificent interior design and luxury, as well as vice versa.
Here’s some point that explains the importance of related dome of the mosque thus making everyone pay attention more in this section.
As a guide the direction of prayer
One of the things that makes an important mosque of the dome and not serve as a symbol of the grandeur of a mosque is a clue that the existence of a dome is the Qiblah direction pointer. Of course with the presence of this kind of functionality will be very helpful for any foreigners in determining the direction of the wind.
The part that contains the value of the arts
As described earlier, that the dome of the mosque was built with a reason to give a touch of art and beauty in the mosque. In fact, with the ornament of the dome at the mosque which was made as attractive as possible and invite Muslims to visit it. The beauty of a dome is also determined by the existence of constituent materials of use in the manufacture of the dome, which in this case can either be galvalium or other materials.

Help Muslims in find it
Associated with each dome is built with menomersatukan art elements, then this kind of vault is also made with a beauty all its own. This kind of action will make a dome terluhat striking from a distance and indirectly will also help Muslims in finding the location of its existence. It is not surprising if the contractor has always designed the dome of such beauty.
Have a role in lighting at the mosque
In this case, is associated with the construction of the dome of the mosque, it could be said that at the interior of a dome is always combined with a reflector of light. The existence of this sort of thing, then it would benefit as more lighting or in other words the reflector of light. This is certainly also make lighting in the mosque becomes more maximum and will provide convenience for anyone who was in it.
Message Vault on Contractor Vault
The dome of the mosque does have a very important role for the building of the mosque itself and also for Muslims. For those of you who need a contractor to build the dome of the mosque, then you can contact us.
By working with us, then you will get good quality dome and durable, for in creation supported by the professional and experienced employees. To that end, immediately visit our page to get a quote.

82 domes of the mosque Sheikh Zayed

82 domes of the mosque Sheikh Zayed

The dome of the mosque – the United Arab Emirates is one of the famous desert area and has a range of unique and historic buildings. One of the unique and famous buildings there is the mosque of Sheikh Zayed Road. Maybe some of you had visited the building kubah enamel and am fascinated with architecture, though not of Istiqlal mosque.
The mosque of Sheikh Zayed Road including building that was new, as was established in 2007. Naming Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque itself very appropriate with the name of the central character that is behind the construction of the mosque, that Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al-Nahyan who is also the founder of the country’s national character of the United Arab Emirates.
As additional information, this magnificent building is the largest Mosque in the United Arab Emirates and holds approximately 40,000 people worshipers. Not only that, the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is the ninth largest in the world. The magnitude of the decorative marble 1.5 times the field any balls decorate the page sections of the mosque.
Mosque located in Abu Dabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates also has a beauty all its own. Included on the dome of the mosque is unique because the number is more than 50 pieces. Then, what are the beauty and uniqueness of the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque dome? To find out, here is the discussion about the Mosque’s dome and other information.
Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque dome amounted to 82 of the fruit in the style of Morocco. All the existing Vault is decorated by using white gravestones, so make it look beautiful and also clean. Meanwhile, the dome of the main Mosque has a diameter of 32.8 meters high and 55 metres from in or about 85 metres from the outside.
If we refer to the Turkey Research Centre for Islamic History and Culture, the dome of the great mosque of Sheikh Zayed is the great dome is in the same type. If you see the dome of which there is not a bit of it, maybe there will be a separate sense of AWE because of its beauty.
Not just awed by the dome, if visiting here you will also feel amazed with another feature of this building. The main door of the great mosque of Sheikh Zayed himself made from thick glass does it weigh up to 2.2 tonnes and the height was 12.2 metres with a width of 7 meters.
Mosques with architectural Munghal (Pakistan, Bangladesh, and India) also has a pillar as much as approximately 1,000 on the outside, all of which are lined with more than 2,000 pieces of marble and natural stone as well. Around the building there is also a series of pools that total extent reached 7,874 square meters

Ridwan Kamil rented out his house to tourists

Ridwan Kamil rented out his house to tourists

The Mayor of Bandung Ridwan Kamil rents out his house which is in the Cipadung, the city of Bandung to entire communities or tourists who want to experience the comforts of home that he built himself.

“Disewakannya my house because of idle, baseball dipake. Sayangkan redundant baseball had better rent can produce, “said Ridwan Kamil in Bandung, Friday.

Emil greetings companion says, the reason disewakannya the House not because he needs the money for preparation towards the Pilgub Jabar 2018, but the building was already rarely occupied room.

“Ga, ga has to do (with Pilgub Jabar),” he said.

According to him, the House was leased by the tariff of Rp 2.5 million permalam, because the building has a characteristic and has got the title of champion in the Green Design Award 2009.

“So please if you want to rent it costs much for. His home, for those who want it, “he said.

Earlier, the Mayor of Bandung had the advertise House that will rent it by uploading them in social media account instagram hers.

The “Modern House of daily rent in north Bandung. Winner of Asia Green Design Award 2009. House for rent daily travelers. The former home of architect (not home mantannya the architect), “wrote Emil in instagramnya.


Sri Lanka became one of the countries that developed the jewelry industry made of natural stone. There, Blue Sapphire and Alexandrite became a popular and attractive to a buyer from abroad. One of the exporters and importers of Sri Lankan origin, Lafir m. Abbas says Blue Sapphire preferred because it has natural color and gorgeous.

“Blue sapphire preferred because its color is pretty, natural color of Earth. Natural Chick, “said he told Afp on the sidelines of the Organization of the Jakarta International Fair (JIJF) Jewerlly 2017 at the JCC, Thursday.

The town of Ratnapura, Sri Lanka’s southern region is known as one of the producers of Blue Sapphire, even in early January 2016 and then, scientists found the chunk of rock weighing 1404.49 carats. A number of people estimate the findings were worth 100 million u.s. dollars.

Recipes Simple Banana Cake Making Nagasari

Who does not like cake nagasari traditional wet cake this one is a favorite food that is generally created when there is an event like a wedding celebration. In addition nagasari also a lot of selling by traders cake, because cake on this one much demand. But even then, the cake which one has the disadvantage of the validity period of only a few days, unless you entered a refrigerator that might last up to three or four days.

Nagasari wet cake is preferred by all people, both young and old, children also love this nagasari cake. Although this cake aja zoom so-so, but still be a family favorite comestible Indonesia and can be found both in the traditional as well as modern shops.

Recipes Simple Banana Cake Making Nagasari


Nagasari cake made from rice flour, no wonder has a slightly chewy texture. Meanwhile, the middle or the contents are filled with bananas. Use plantain, banana banana horns or other types of custom or circumstances. To make the cake moist nagasari quite easy, which might be a challenge is how to make a cake nagasari soft and does not clot, moreover always use fresh flour so that the dough does not smell musty. Go see the info recipe makes the following.


Recipe Baking Banana Nagasari

± 75 minutes Cooking Time

Ingredients :

Ingredients 1:
– 200 grams of rice flour
– 400 ml coconut viscosity of the medium
– 1 teaspoon vanilla extract or ½ teaspoon vanilla powder
– 1 teaspoon salt
– 130 grams of sugar

Ingredients 2:

– 400 ml thick coconut milk
– 100 grams of starch

material other:
– banana taste, cut crosswise along the ± 3 cm and halved
– banana leaves to wrap the dough

How to make :

1. Material 1: Enter the rice flour and coconut milk in a saucepan and mix evenly.
2. Do not forget, use a strainer to filter out clumps of dough nagasari.
3. Then fill the mixture to the saucepan, add salt, sugar and pandan leaves. Cook with small fire, stirring, stirring until the mixture thickens.
4. Pour the batter into the second material in the pan, stir and continue cooking until mixture thickens, dark and milk has dried up.
5. Prepare 2 pieces of banana leaves, along the ± 15 cm, spread. Put 2 tablespoons of dough on a banana leaf, tap-tap to slightly widen. Place 1 banana was in the middle of the dough and cover again with the dough.
6. Wrap the dough nagasari with banana leaf and fold into. Slow down, do not get torn banana leaves.
7. Finally put the cake in the boiler nagasari in the steamer with the flap on the bottom. Steam for ± 20 minutes.
8. Lift after nagasari cooked, leave to cool and serve.

Readers need to know, that the process of wrapping the cake easily and leaves are not easily torn, then use a banana leaf that has been cleaned and heat over a fire until limp banana leaf, remember Tarus on it, not in the fire. Quite so hopefully the information recipe snack nagasari how to make this worthwhile.

Adventuring in Jogja Using Isuzu Elf Microbus

Yogyakarta has many beautiful and interesting tourism objects. In every regency and city in Yogyakarta have places that appeal to visit when traveling in this area. To facilitate their activities they need any kind of car that can take tourists to the destination that they want. For tourists who bring a group of 8 to 16 people would need a vehicle that can accommodate them all. There are several choices of vehicles such us Isuzu Elf microbus. This car can be the best option because this vehicle has many advantages, like being able to carry a lot of passengers and tough and strong on the streets so that tourists can enjoy during their trip in Yogyakarta.

City of Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta has a many destinations that became an icon of tourism among others. The destination is Yogyakarta Palace, Tamansari Water castel, Malioboro Street, Fort Vredenberg, and much more. A wide variety of these object are always packed with tourists from within and outside the region. Some tourist areas such as the Sultan Palace and Tamansari maximum can only be entered by minibus type vehicle sorent Elf microbus in Jogja is the best solution.

Sleman Regency

Sleman regency in Yogyakarta has varies terrain from the plains to the mountains. On the north side of this district there is Mount Merapi, which has a variety of object such as the Merapi Volcano Tour, Telaga Putri Lake, Mount Merapi Museum, and much more. Because of this condition, tourists need a strong and powerful car. Elf microbus as one of the best vehicles in its class makes things easier.

Gunung Kidul Regency

This regency located at the eastern side of Yogyakarta which is dominated by mountains because this region is part of our Sewu Mountain Area. To go this place, it takes a vehicle that have strong and resilient engine in order to pass the field in Gunung Kidul. To reach the popular tourist areas such as Baron, Kukup, Krakal, and other beach, travelers must go through the winding and up and downstreets. Similarly, if you want to travel to Nglangeran or Pindul Cave, it needs a stong car. Therefore Elf microbus is the best choice.

Kulon Progo and Bantul Regency

Kulon Progo and Bantul aresimilar likeSleman regency that has varied terrain.There is a flat also ups and downs road typical of the mountains. But compared with the Sleman regency, the streets in these regencies have a higher difficulty. To achieve such a popular tourist spot in Kalibiru Kulonprogro or Mangunan Orchard in Bantul, they need a vehicle that has a powerful engine because the road has many sharp incline that makes it difficult if their vehicles do not have the strength.

That is the explanation abaout the area in Yogyakarta. With allof the difficulties, Yogyakarta still becomes the best tourist destinations in Indonesia. Hopefully the above explanation we can be useful and could be an additional reference for you.If you want to rent Elf microbus in Jogja you can search it in google with this word: rental Elf Jogja