Outdoor Kit You Need To Package The Open Water

Outdoor Kit You Need To Package The Open Water

The question for long. What I wear? Swimming you may to speed up but you must have proper water open swimming kit. Well, don’t worry because we’ve got that covered.

Open water is different from a big hug from a pool. To swim in it, you need a few extra bits so here is a beginners guide to open-water swimming kit.

Top five outdoor open air kit

Silicone CAP is so important that every time you go swimming in the open jasa pembuatan kolam renang water you are wearing brightly colored silicone Cap. Yes, you might look like a religious, buta Hat will keep your head warm. More importantly it will ensure you are easily visible in the water.
Wetsuits wetsuits help to keep you warm, even in the summer. United Kingdom not known for warm water temperature. They also help make your buoyancy, which is more secure and help you to swim faster.
Practice in open water several times before it races or major events. Wetsuit changes position your body in the water, so that the practice will help you get used to it.

Ill-fitting suit can put you because it makes you fight water rather than swimming.Wetsuits can be purchased or Rented online. If not find a triathlon clothing store asthey will be designed for swimming.

Boots, gloves and socks
OK, these are the three ponds kit open water, but they do the same thing. In cold water you need to keep your hands and feet warm to avoid pain or injury. Many people wear shoes, socks, boots and gloves.

Striking a balance between keeping warm and able to swim well. Staff will be able to advise you on what will best suit your needs.

sunglasses cozy area must-have piece of kit is an open pool of water. Glasses with lots of rubber will add to your comfort.

Is it sunny days You may want to consider color or mirror lenses. This will help eliminate sunlight and let you see more clearly.

Lubricants or husk sticks
A wetsuit can get uncomfortable during long swims. It rubs your skin and can create an uncomfortable rash. Lubricants or anti-stick lubricants can help.

The stick looks like a stick of deodorant. They hold the wax-like substances that help protect your skin from irritation. You apply the same way as deodorant. Both are available in specialist shops to swim.

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