Modern Interior Design Ideas

Who don’t want such a comfortable and elegant house? Unfortunately having such a house cost us quite a high expense in return. To create a modern home design, we must consider not only the home exterior models, but also the interior design. Things you need to consider from home interior which have a variety of style and functionality, it should have a personal creative style and your individual look.

We can browse some decoration pictures from the internet or even furniture magazines, but usually we found our self confused about the budget. However we have some tips about how to “trick” our own furniture’s at home so then we can make them looks more modern, expensive and luxurious. Here some tips from us.

Add “Feet” For Your Sofa

It sounds a little bit odd, however adding “feet” under your sofa eventually made it looks more authentic in your living room. Apply some handmade blocks made of wood, solid plastic or solid rubber under your sofa. It doesn’t have to be high, about 3-5 centimeters high from the floor will do the tricks. You can also apply this to your cabinet, desk etc.

Change Your Furnishings

We can distinguish the quality of our furnishings from what it made of. Cheap stuff usually made of plastic and they usually looks cheap or not fancy. So change your wardrobe handle, desk handle or any other plastic made furnishings with woods, ceramics or chrome.

Accentuate Big Stuff

Give more attention to your bookshelf or paintings. Add wallpaper on your walls to accentuate the character of the bookshelf and paintings. You can also repaint your antique stuffs too.

Rejuvenate Your Sofa

Old sofa = poor color. Change your sofa skin with leather or synthetic leather (for low budget). Synthetic leather may not look so good, but you can change it as you wish because it’s cheap.

When you decide to construct or rebuild your house better to take an advice from interior design or architect, other factors that maybe you can consider while choosing material are durability, functionality, flexibility and affordability.

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