Honestbee Makes Shopping Easy Without Makin Out Monthly Home

Ladies, admit if you largest laziness deh buat monthly expenditures to the supermarket is a line. Correctly! Line to pay at the checkout when shopping monthly really testing the patience of everyone because shopping in bulk. It is natural if it makes the foot sore and irritated liver.

This kind of unrest that captured the application and the site named honestbee-shopping and delivery service-on-demand from the newly launched in Singapore Jakarta, Wednesday (25/1). Honestbee working promo jsm with Transmart Carrefour monthly shopping needs you. In summary, anyway you live the messages of all the household via honestbee and sent directly to the home.

Said Joel Sng as co-founder and CEO of honestbee, it has already done the experiment for a few months in Jakarta with satisfactory results. “All of our management and staff are very excited to create a milestone together with Indonesia’s society,” said a press conference in the Sng in numbers Kuningan, South Jakarta.

Like a help site, honestbee also has an Assistant that helps you choose the groceries. There is a pair of “push” choose groceries and goods trains are ideal for you. Grocery items you select will be delivered within an hour of the 17 Transmart Carrefour in Jakarta.

According to Hamid, the Knights of Corporate Communication GM Transmart Carrefour, cooperation with honestbee it would be able to provide added value for the consumer in the form of a guarantee the freshest product with precision and speed of product delivery to on hand.

“Our commitment is not only provides good quality products with good quality, but also provides a special checkout for consumers who order products through honestbee, so that the process of distributing the product gets to the hands of the consumer can be timely,” said Satria.

It’s not his time again torturing myself with things that are difficult and time consuming, including the matter of shopping. The time usually wasted for waiting in line at the cashier, you can switch to a more positive activities with your family. Congratulations

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