Guide To Making A Pool At Home

Guide To Making A Pool At Home

For those of us who swim, hobbi has its own swimming pool at home so it’s a goodway out. in fact the dimimpikan has its own swimming pool very coveted every one.generally when we visited a House that has its own swimming pool, certainly appears to be the pronunciation of something like this, wow cool his house has its own swimming pool.

Patio Or Pool Deck
A lot of the exit make a patio or pool deck to design an indoor jasa pembuat kolam renang. for example a terrace with wooden deck, floor with natural rocks, stone stepping value is neatly furnished, or terrace that blends with the building of the House. determination of natural stone as stone palimanan stone can also apply some companions. needs in the notice that is the terrace we make must be anti skid or not slippery. Surelysafety and comfort so it is important when creating the pool.

Give a natural touch by administering some vegetation such as coconut trees (cocos nucifera), Cambodia (plumeria rubra acutifolia obtusa,, or), red Erythrina Variegata(erythrina crista galli), or banana fan can so a good choice to follow something.

The Height Of The Floor Surface
Then try the pool height or level not higher than the patio or pool deck. Why? the answer is to the convenience of the users of the pool (please see picture on points after that). If when a friend makes the stairs leading into the swimming pool.

Edging Or The Banks Of A Pond
Use the pool that does not taper. the rim or good good edging rounded on its corners. the aim for security in the swimming pool. create an elegant outdoor existence.This is intended so that the pool more easily in the sides of the cleaning or maintenance. but when a friend happy with square or rectangular form is very very likely also kok.

Water Depth
Depth to design a swimming pool for adults that I recommend on 1, 4 mtr. to 2mtr.. or can integrate both make ramp as its separator. but for the children’s swimming pool, depth no more 0, kian 5 mtr

When has steps or ladders in the pool, the height of the stairs not strive increasinglymore 18, 5 cm. height is comfortable as well as recommended in the design of the House, building or in the design of the Park.

Give the floor surface of the pond that is not slippery. natural stone with a rough surface so it’s also a good choice. I recommend wearing stone sukabumi or green stone, is due to have a structure and a bright green color when in the water. tiled floorswith unique structure can also be applied when best friends happy by design mosaics. In addition, stay away from outrageously tapered form. the goal of this pond notcare so outrageously difficult

Water And Circulation
pool water with a good circulatory system give support comfort on the swimming pool. the granting of a water spill or overflow the banks ‘ > poolside, could add to the comfortable situation in the area. companions can wear the stone temples as the edge of the overflow. as I have pointed out in the picture beside. on the wall are pictures of overflow stack stone wear to emit the sound of running water.

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