Free Land certification could be guaranteed loan in Bank

To encourage people to be proactive in the land certification program, the Government gives various dangle. One of them is by passing certification fee exemption National Agrarian Programmes (Prona).

In addition to the menggratiskan the cost of certification for underprivileged communities, Prona also can encourage economic wheel rotation perpetrators of small businesses. How, with the use of the certificate obtained from Prona to file loan funding to the bank.

“Ya so if I think the hell with the KUR (business credit the people) and it’s been an awful lot of banks already STATE-OWNED banks mainly play micro credit,” said Economist Indef Pandava Bhima Yudhistira, as quoted from the Legal.

Although the menyasar certification community Middle-down, he assesses the banking parties already thought of a number of risks in the community has been hampered in the repayment of the credit.

“They certainly also understand the risk of the debtor this is later able to return or what,” added the Pandava Bhima.

Free Ground Percaloan Berantas Certification

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Agrarian and Spatial (ATR)/Badan national land (BPN) convinced that the Prona was able to trim the practice percaloan.

The program menggratiskan the certifying ground especially against the high society circles down is believed to be able to close the gap the scalper pensertifikatan ground.

“This is the level of education (secondary community under) she pendidikannnya sometimes level are often exploited by the brokers,” said Indef.

Then, he assesses positively the efforts of the Government of menggratiskan soil certification for people on low incomes.

“Yes, so why should one of them is free because it is very expensive (land certification), especially (for) middle-income community down,” he said.

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In a medium-sized community down, sometimes difficult to get the right information related certification of land so that their difficulties, and ultimately handed it over to touts.

“Information that is not balanced causing them to submit everything to pander and costs are more expensive. Well, this (program) can trim calo-touts which exists in these areas, “he ended.

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