Easy and cheap Maintaining Healthy Kidney Only With Celery

Maintaining kidney health is actually not difficult which is enough to lead a healthy life and eating alone then it has been very helpful health of your kidneys. As we know that the kidney has a very important function for our body so that when his health had disturbed a little it will have a negative impact on our health, even the most frightening is the occurrence of renal failure.
Every day the kidneys filter out toxins that are in our blood such as urea, inorganic salts, ammonia and others, and then dispose of the same in the form of urine or sweat. Well, if the kidney function is already not optimal anymore then surely these toxins will eventually settle and accumulate in the body so that sooner or later the kidneys become damaged and no longer able to perform their duties. Well, things like this is called a person affected by kidney failure. You need to know, kidney failure is a deadly disease and make the sufferer had to do dialysis for life.
How to maintain healthy kidneys with celery
Therefore, if you want to stay healthy kidneys and maximum in carrying out its duties in addition have to pay attention to lifestyle and diet then occasionally we also need to do a detox or terms simpel ie kidney wash once a week. Wash the kidney here does not mean you have to go to a doctor but simply by consuming only boiled water celery leaves then secured your kidneys will be cleaner and healthier.
Maybe this time we only know that celery can only be used as a food seasoning, but other than that celery snagat also useful to address a wide range of health problems such as being able to lower high blood pressure, kidney wash and many more.
Well, than you are curious and want to know how to use celery to keep your kidney health then let’s consider just the text below.

How To Maintain Healthy Kidney With Celery

1. Prepare just one bunch of celery and then wash
2. Cut the celery into small pieces and then input into the pan
3. Add water approximately one liter and then boiled the celery leaves
4. Allow to boil, about 10 minutes.
5. After the boil then turn off your stove and leave it up to the cooking water to cool
6. Then strain the cooking water celery and input into the bottle
7. Store in the refrigerator and herbs ready to be drunk every day one glass
8. Feel the difference, salt deposits and the toxic substances that are in your body along with the urine.
No need to also need to consume boiled water celery in a row, just a week once or consecutively for 3 days. If you consume daily routine so scared you become low blood later.

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