Confused How To Ask A MORTGAGE Subsidy? Check Out This!

Confused How To Ask A MORTGAGE Subsidy? Check Out This!

Home-seller programs still keep rolling. This program essentially gives a lot of convenience for people on low incomes (MBR) to have his own dwelling-good home footprint as well as flats – including financing assistance from the Government.

Convenience is of which 5% fixed interest rates for 20-year term mortgage tanah dijual di solo , down payment of 1%, as well as a free of charge VAT.

Based on data obtained through the year 2016, noted there are seven provinces in Indonesia that funnels most Subsidies i.e. MORTGAGE West Java province (87,091 Unit), Banten (24.671), South Kalimantan (14.430), Riau (14.204), East Java (13.469), Central Java (12.324), and South Sumatra (11.746).

Please note, for this year, house prices have experienced a rise in subsidies to an average of five per cent compared to the selling price of 2016 yesterday. The following benchmark price update.

reasonably priced home subsidy

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For the community is searching for home subsidies, before coming straight to the 3rd it is worth to know in advance what are requirements set out to get it.

CITIZENS and domiciled in Indonesia
It has been 21 years old or have been married
The applicant or spouse (husband/wife) does not yet have a home and have never received government subsidies for home ownership
Salary/income does not exceed the principal Rp4 Million Home in prosperity for the treads and Rp7 million to Home Prosperous Stacking, or maximum salary/income in accordance with the principal of the Government.
Have a job or business at least 1 year
Have a TAX ID and SPT Annual PPh people personal according to applicable legislation
Not only that, some other terms such as rights and obligations also noteworthy community in order to avoid misunderstandings it is even a problem in the future.

(Want to buy home subsidies? This list is)

Rights Of The Debtor

As the applicant, the community filed a MORTGAGE subsidy worth getting some rights such as:

Receive the ease of obtaining home MORTGAGES through a subsidy from the housing Financing Fund Management Center of the Ministry of public works & public housing, if the criteria target group MORTGAGE subsidies.
Non imposition of value added tax (VAT) in accordance with the provisions of the regulation of the Minister of finance.
Prosperous home financed by MORTGAGE subsidies under the conditions of ready habitation in accordance with the provisions of the MORTGAGE subsidy.
The Obligation Of The Debtor

In addition to the rights of the applicant or prospective borrowers should also meet its lender banks include:

Pay the MORTGAGE installment of subsidies in an orderly and timely credit period to complete/full.
Using its own and inhabit the subsidies as a place of residence for a period of at least one (1) year after the handover of the House.
Keep the House well subsidies.
Returns the Help Center Manager FLPP funds and financing of housing (PPDPP) of the Ministry of public works & public housing, if the breach provisions of MORTGAGE subsidy.
Will not rent and/or transfer ownership of the House with the deeds of any law, except;
– The debtor dies (inheritance);
– Residential has surpassed the 5 (five) years for home subsidy;
– Resettled due to the increase in the social economy;

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