Cheap Home Credit Rp75 Million, Could Materialize?

Cheap Home Credit Rp75 Million, Could Materialize?

The Government made a breakthrough through the State Savings Bank (BTN) to thecommunity with no fixed earnings or informal workers can have a home. It was named breakthrough micro-MORTGAGES.

During this time, the Home program of subsidies have not been too effective. The problem there is in evidence in the form of monthly earnings requirements. This requirement can only be met by those working as employees. This cannot be rumah murah di solo dibawah 100jt  met by those who worked as traders, labourers, and others.

KPR Micro itself has requirements that are more flexible, but the barriers are there on the credit ceiling is limited, i.e. Rp75 million.

Consumer Banking Director Bank BTN Handayani pun said, the developers still don’tquite show his fascination for terlbat in providing home MORTGAGES Micro.

The Chairman of the Housing Development Association of DPP & Settlements Throughout Indonesia (Apersi) reveal any reason Alex a Thys Michels developers still tend to be passive to engaged in the provision of home MORTGAGES Micro.

“If you think I might also be interested in baseball, because it could be the first Yes looking for cheap land is hard,” he said, as quoted from the Legal.

He stated, it is rather difficult to sell the House below the Rp75 million as dibanderol through Micro MORTGAGE, because land prices do not allow to be able to providethe House with these prices.

“I think if land prices Rp50 thousand per metre with the selling price of the House that maximized Rp75 million I think really that developer to be a developer. If hopemargin (profit) Yes it feels not possible, “he said.

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Thus, he hoped the involvement of the Government can solve the solution of high land prices that inhibit the interest of developers involved in the provision of home to informal workers.

“Because of eroded land by price. Examples of possible Rp50 thousand. I think withthe type of very simple House 36 else I think is rather an objection unless the intervention of the Government in the provision of its land, “he said.

“That’s the price building 36 Type average approximately Rp1,5 million per meter. This means that if the multiplied so Rp40 millions Yes. Well if land prices while it reached Rp50 thousand upwards I think difficult Yes, “added Thys Michels.

However, Thys Michels rate, if the Government contribute in the provision of land it could have been done. “Well according to my very able as long as it is indeed a commitment from the Government that. Well the solution is indeed government intervention should, indeed must be present, “he explained

Thys Michels confirmed that MORTGAGE is not beneficial Micro instead. In addition to cheap home products allocated an informal workers, KPR Micro also provides on-site home renovations.

“Maybe if it was suitable to rehab the House was more fitting, that already got a home renovation is more fitting for income,” he asserted.

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