Chastened, the public still devouring unhealthy food

Chastened, the public still devouring unhealthy food

Indonesia still proved to be recalcitrant communities because many of them often devour food that is not good for health.


The consumption of foods that are not very recommended is still high, at least eaten three times a week, based on a study by researcher Helda Khusun from SEAMEO-REFCON in 864 men and women aged 18-45 years in East Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Makassar and Medan.


The urban people’s consumption patterns to look out for,” said Helda in Jakarta onWednesday.


As much as 77.4 respondents still frequently consumed drinks flavoured with sweet, fried foods (74.5 per cent), confectionery (37.7 percent) and chips (27.9 percent).


Unhealthy eating habits plus the lack of physical activity can influence the risk of obesity.


Nutritional Medical Doctors Association Chairman Indonesia Elvina Karyadi advocated for eating a nutritious diet balanced in intake is right, then exercising to burn the excess calories in the body.


Men who are watching tv or working on the computer for more than 6 hours per day at risk obese 1.5 times larger.


Meanwhile, the womenfolk who never had a fat risk sports up to 3 times more likelythan those who did physical activity is high.


Scientists from Australia reveal the consumption of probiotics may be just a little benefit or even samasekali is not beneficial for the body, when you’re eating healthy foods.


In a study, researchers tested the effects of probiotics in mice. They found that micefed a high-calorie junk food not only becoming obese, but also get the benefits of probiotics that marked changes in the gastrointestinal tract and an increased brain function.


However, in mice who were given food-healthy foods, thus experiencing a memorydisorder while the probiotic effect conferring only the bare minimum for their digestive system.


Researchers study, Professor Margaret Morris, said that probiotics can be helpful when you are consuming the food-the food is quite unhealthy.


“But if you eat healthy foods, probiotics can be helpful,” said Morris.

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