Intending to buy a bag of Hermes, Gothic Zaskia Even Fooled Rp 300 Million.

In an age of sophisticated it’s life so much easier. One of the things that are increasingly easy to do is shop. Everything can be purchased online starting from fashion to food. However, as a buyer we have to be extra careful so as not to get tangled in deceit.

Offered by Kapa (30/1), intends to buy branded bags online, Gothic Zaskia should instead suffered a loss of around 300 million dollars. Actually this case has happened two months ago. But the new authorities boarded Zaskia together the power of the ruling on Monday, January 30, 2017 yesterday.

“Buy a bag online, fitting in false checks his bag. That’s why we reported it, “said Zaskia short.

“Last day Zaskia came, the purpose of coordinating, there is suspected fraud and selling online for $300 million in Hermes bags, 3 bags, there are indications that bag is not the original, since there’s a buy zaskia reference from a friend of his, so already given suggestions, advice, not in good faith,” continued the lawyer, Edi Ado Herwanto.

Before bringing the matter into the realm of law, is actually requesting Zaskia liability from the online shop of scammers that. However, time remains still no news from related.

“Man, those people but her husband Singapore Indonesia. Anyway he if can not balikin I process. He promises (mau balikin) but until now there is no news, “he said.

Further the lawyer reveal if it’s already pocketed some of the evidence. If still no good faith then the case will proceed. Well, hopefully this problem quickly completed Yes Ladies. For those of you who like to buy stuff online be sure to check out all of the things in order not to fraud victims so yes Ladies.