Advantages and Disadvantages of Living in Studio Apartment

Advantages and Disadvantages of Living in Studio Apartment

The existence of vertical housing increasingly mushrooming in the center and periphery of the Capital. With the concept of building and price tags are varied, you can choose the unit that suits your needs.

Of course, the location becomes a high determinant of the low price offered by the developer. The closer to the business center, the selling price will obviously be more expensive. Among the several types on offer, studio units are often the best-selling product hunted by consumers.

In addition to the affordable price, the breadth is perfect for those who are single or newly married couples. In one room, you can do many activities. Starting from sleeping, eating, and relaxing. Generally rumah sederhana studio units have bulkhead that limits to the bathroom space.

Interested in buying this compact unit? Check out the advantages and disadvantages, in the adaptation of

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Moving to a studio unit can be a frugal option for those who want to live alone or with roommates. For some apartments in Jakarta, rental rates for studio apartments can be 30 percent cheaper than a two-bedroom unit. Maintenance fees (maintenance / service fee) studio units are certainly cheaper than staying in units of two or three bedrooms.

In addition, you can more efficient decorate or set the room temperature. For example, want to install air conditioning, set the lighting in one corner, or add wallpaper decoration, you can set without spending a lot of cost.

Lastly, the advantages of living in the apartment is, you do not need to tire-tired cleaning apartment units. With an area ranging from 20 square meters to 40 square meters, you just take less than 15 minutes to sweep, mop up to clean the dust on the sidelines of the room. Very practical, right?

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Disadvantages of living in a studio apartment

Although completely practical and save costs, but apparently there are some shortcomings that are owned by studio apartments.

For those of you who are accustomed to living in a treadmill, moving into a studio unit can be a bit tedious and make a little stress. This is because the area is very minimal, so you are forced to reduce luggage from the old house to 50 percent.

If you usually have a lot of stuff to keep in the house unit, now you should be more selective in choosing items stored in studio apartments. Here the expertise to organize the goods or design a minimalist closet to be a challenge for you to solve.

Some studio apartments have a very small gross area. Because of the narrowness, you should be more creative arranging space to look broad if staying with a spouse or roommate.

What to Do If Convicted KPR Loan

What to Do If Convicted KPR Loan

Paying mortgage or mortgage repayment is a monthly routine for those of you who have applied for a loan to the Bank for their home purchase. However, what happens if one day you have trouble paying the routine bill?

The causes may be diverse, but generally, a faster rate hike from regular income rumah mewah increases is often the main reason. Some people even have to give up until finally do over credit to third parties.

And you can try some ways to keep your mortgage installments safe. The first thing you can do is contact the creditor. Notify your financial condition of bankruptcy so that communication keeps running smoothly.

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What are some things you can do to improve the condition? Check out some tips quoted by

Dare To Be Honest

Some people tend to avoid the bank when it is difficult to pay the mortgage. In fact, being honest is the best decision in a situation like this. That way you can be more calm and lighter paying installments in the coming months.

If possible, you can also request an adjustment of the number of monthly installments that fit your latest earnings.

Do not Wait Long

Payment of installment past the exact due date will soon be followed up by the bank as the lender. To avoid the things that are not desirable, immediately take the right decision.

The bank can take a quick stance if you do not show a cooperative attitude.

Apply Restructure

This is the next step you can take. Credit restructuring is debt repayment on terms lighter than before, with an agreement given by the creditor to the debtor.

Do not hesitate to take this step, because it turns out many mortgage debtors who do the same. This is in recognition of Eka Putri, Home Loan Account Officer in one of the private banks in Jakarta. “There are a lot of My clients who apply for the restructuring when they experience bad credit KPR,”

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Steps to Appeal Restructuring

Then, how to propose the restructuring? “Simply put, first come to the bank bring letter of objection installment installment to meet the marketing. Then ask to extend the term of installment, “he explained.

“The process is almost the same as the initial submission, because personal data already exists. Stay updated on the latest bank account or job description and paycheck. As for entrepreneurs, update the latest SIUP (Business License), TDP (Company Registration), and sales records. “He continued.

Eka continued, If the submission is approved by the bank, then the debtor will schedule time for the credit agreement of the restructuring before the notary. “The process of credit restructuring is fairly simple if you can show a cooperative attitude with the Bank, the costs incurred are also only to pay for notary services only.” Close.

What to Look For When Buying Empty Land?

What to Look For When Buying Empty Land?

In addition to buying a home, investing in the property sector can also be done through the purchase of a plot of vacant land. How, investors buy a plot of land that can then be inherited or waiting for the right time to be built or resold.

However, it turns out to buy an empty land though also must consider several things in order not to lose money. And this time will provide investment tips that will certainly be profitable. Here’s the review:

Select a Prospective Location

Buying property should start from choosing a prospective location. This is because the land can be a production of goods that produce added value if on it can be built homes, shophouses, and other property types.

Keep in mind, the land should have a high investment value. So choose a location that is really quite strategic. For that, consider the development of property selling value so that you have enough information if at any time will be sold or rented.

Check the Allotment

Before purchasing, it’s good to check the land allotment with the applicable city planning plan. If according to the provisions of the location to be used as a residential location, then you should use for housing. But if not used as non-residential, then build shop or other commercial property.

One thing to note, avoid the location to be used for roads or other public facilities.

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Try to get the best price

When buying, we recommend getting the best price offer. The trick, look from the provisions NJOP (Value of Tax Objects). If the price of land is below the NJOP value, then the price is the best price.

This could happen if the land owner is in need of fast money. However, the fair price is about one and a half times the NJOP price.

Do not forget to check the legality

The next step is do not forget to check the legality of the land. The land legality indicator can be viewed from the status of the land and its legal basis. Instead, buy a land with a Hak Guna Bangunan (HGB) or HGU (Hak Guna Usaha) certificate.

After that, check the validity period. If an extension is required, then monitor the deadline. To be safe, you can also use the services of a notary to check the legality of the land.

When you have bought the land, do not forget to immediately return the name of the certificate after purchase.

Immediately secure the location of purchased land

Finally, secure the location by fencing the ground as a boundary mark. This needs to be done in order to anticipate the occurrence of acts of invasion by other parties. In order to look more attractive, the guardrail can also be made using a number of plants. In addition to green, the soil also looks looked manicured.

Cheap Home Credit Rp75 Million, Could Materialize?

Cheap Home Credit Rp75 Million, Could Materialize?

The Government made a breakthrough through the State Savings Bank (BTN) to thecommunity with no fixed earnings or informal workers can have a home. It was named breakthrough micro-MORTGAGES.

During this time, the Home program of subsidies have not been too effective. The problem there is in evidence in the form of monthly earnings requirements. This requirement can only be met by those working as employees. This cannot be rumah murah di solo dibawah 100jt  met by those who worked as traders, labourers, and others.

KPR Micro itself has requirements that are more flexible, but the barriers are there on the credit ceiling is limited, i.e. Rp75 million.

Consumer Banking Director Bank BTN Handayani pun said, the developers still don’tquite show his fascination for terlbat in providing home MORTGAGES Micro.

The Chairman of the Housing Development Association of DPP & Settlements Throughout Indonesia (Apersi) reveal any reason Alex a Thys Michels developers still tend to be passive to engaged in the provision of home MORTGAGES Micro.

“If you think I might also be interested in baseball, because it could be the first Yes looking for cheap land is hard,” he said, as quoted from the Legal.

He stated, it is rather difficult to sell the House below the Rp75 million as dibanderol through Micro MORTGAGE, because land prices do not allow to be able to providethe House with these prices.

“I think if land prices Rp50 thousand per metre with the selling price of the House that maximized Rp75 million I think really that developer to be a developer. If hopemargin (profit) Yes it feels not possible, “he said.

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Thus, he hoped the involvement of the Government can solve the solution of high land prices that inhibit the interest of developers involved in the provision of home to informal workers.

“Because of eroded land by price. Examples of possible Rp50 thousand. I think withthe type of very simple House 36 else I think is rather an objection unless the intervention of the Government in the provision of its land, “he said.

“That’s the price building 36 Type average approximately Rp1,5 million per meter. This means that if the multiplied so Rp40 millions Yes. Well if land prices while it reached Rp50 thousand upwards I think difficult Yes, “added Thys Michels.

However, Thys Michels rate, if the Government contribute in the provision of land it could have been done. “Well according to my very able as long as it is indeed a commitment from the Government that. Well the solution is indeed government intervention should, indeed must be present, “he explained

Thys Michels confirmed that MORTGAGE is not beneficial Micro instead. In addition to cheap home products allocated an informal workers, KPR Micro also provides on-site home renovations.

“Maybe if it was suitable to rehab the House was more fitting, that already got a home renovation is more fitting for income,” he asserted.

Confused How To Ask A MORTGAGE Subsidy? Check Out This!

Confused How To Ask A MORTGAGE Subsidy? Check Out This!

Home-seller programs still keep rolling. This program essentially gives a lot of convenience for people on low incomes (MBR) to have his own dwelling-good home footprint as well as flats – including financing assistance from the Government.

Convenience is of which 5% fixed interest rates for 20-year term mortgage tanah dijual di solo , down payment of 1%, as well as a free of charge VAT.

Based on data obtained through the year 2016, noted there are seven provinces in Indonesia that funnels most Subsidies i.e. MORTGAGE West Java province (87,091 Unit), Banten (24.671), South Kalimantan (14.430), Riau (14.204), East Java (13.469), Central Java (12.324), and South Sumatra (11.746).

Please note, for this year, house prices have experienced a rise in subsidies to an average of five per cent compared to the selling price of 2016 yesterday. The following benchmark price update.

reasonably priced home subsidy

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For the community is searching for home subsidies, before coming straight to the 3rd it is worth to know in advance what are requirements set out to get it.

CITIZENS and domiciled in Indonesia
It has been 21 years old or have been married
The applicant or spouse (husband/wife) does not yet have a home and have never received government subsidies for home ownership
Salary/income does not exceed the principal Rp4 Million Home in prosperity for the treads and Rp7 million to Home Prosperous Stacking, or maximum salary/income in accordance with the principal of the Government.
Have a job or business at least 1 year
Have a TAX ID and SPT Annual PPh people personal according to applicable legislation
Not only that, some other terms such as rights and obligations also noteworthy community in order to avoid misunderstandings it is even a problem in the future.

(Want to buy home subsidies? This list is)

Rights Of The Debtor

As the applicant, the community filed a MORTGAGE subsidy worth getting some rights such as:

Receive the ease of obtaining home MORTGAGES through a subsidy from the housing Financing Fund Management Center of the Ministry of public works & public housing, if the criteria target group MORTGAGE subsidies.
Non imposition of value added tax (VAT) in accordance with the provisions of the regulation of the Minister of finance.
Prosperous home financed by MORTGAGE subsidies under the conditions of ready habitation in accordance with the provisions of the MORTGAGE subsidy.
The Obligation Of The Debtor

In addition to the rights of the applicant or prospective borrowers should also meet its lender banks include:

Pay the MORTGAGE installment of subsidies in an orderly and timely credit period to complete/full.
Using its own and inhabit the subsidies as a place of residence for a period of at least one (1) year after the handover of the House.
Keep the House well subsidies.
Returns the Help Center Manager FLPP funds and financing of housing (PPDPP) of the Ministry of public works & public housing, if the breach provisions of MORTGAGE subsidy.
Will not rent and/or transfer ownership of the House with the deeds of any law, except;
– The debtor dies (inheritance);
– Residential has surpassed the 5 (five) years for home subsidy;
– Resettled due to the increase in the social economy;

Free Land certification could be guaranteed loan in Bank

To encourage people to be proactive in the land certification program, the Government gives various dangle. One of them is by passing certification fee exemption National Agrarian Programmes (Prona).

In addition to the menggratiskan the cost of certification for underprivileged communities, Prona also can encourage economic wheel rotation perpetrators of small businesses. How, with the use of the certificate obtained from Prona to file loan funding to the bank.

“Ya so if I think the hell with the KUR (business credit the people) and it’s been an awful lot of banks already STATE-OWNED banks mainly play micro credit,” said Economist Indef Pandava Bhima Yudhistira, as quoted from the Legal.

Although the menyasar certification community Middle-down, he assesses the banking parties already thought of a number of risks in the community has been hampered in the repayment of the credit.

“They certainly also understand the risk of the debtor this is later able to return or what,” added the Pandava Bhima.

Free Ground Percaloan Berantas Certification

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Agrarian and Spatial (ATR)/Badan national land (BPN) convinced that the Prona was able to trim the practice percaloan.

The program menggratiskan the certifying ground especially against the high society circles down is believed to be able to close the gap the scalper pensertifikatan ground.

“This is the level of education (secondary community under) she pendidikannnya sometimes level are often exploited by the brokers,” said Indef.

Then, he assesses positively the efforts of the Government of menggratiskan soil certification for people on low incomes.

“Yes, so why should one of them is free because it is very expensive (land certification), especially (for) middle-income community down,” he said.

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In a medium-sized community down, sometimes difficult to get the right information related certification of land so that their difficulties, and ultimately handed it over to touts.

“Information that is not balanced causing them to submit everything to pander and costs are more expensive. Well, this (program) can trim calo-touts which exists in these areas, “he ended.