How To Plan Reasonable Home And Garden

It is undeniable that there is a high demand from society to have a well-designed home. It happened due to the need of society toward comfort space to spend their leisure time at home after working. In addition, most of the demands are to have a beautiful and multifunction of home and garden.

There are basically two reasons why the above specifications are appeared. Firstly, people want to have home completed with the place in which they can refresh their mind and breath fresh air from their natural garden. Secondly, they want to have long term investment through upgrading the beauty of its home.

Dealing with the willingness to have well- functioned and good appealing design of home and garden, people should consider three points. The first and foremost point is to identify the theme and style that are willing to be applied in the desired designed. It is important because each theme has its own characteristic and it is sometimes difficult to be matched with others.

The second point is budget. It mostly becomes another important point for some people. However, ensure that the limited budget doesn’t lead to the lower quality of building that possibly ruins both the aesthetic and special serve of home and garden. In case the budget is limited, it is better to have several steps to build and create perfect and elegant home and garden.

The last but not least, try to review home decor and garden books or magazine in order to get rich ideas regarding to have a good look and comfortable design. It is another good idea too for having consultation with the expert. It is so because the expert enables to match between the sizes of land available, the designed desired and the budget estimation.

Santa Barbara Botanic Garden

BOTANICAL GARDEN now become an alternative choice when people feel totally bored with malls, restaurants, café or another modern entertainment places. The idea of walking and seeing the beautiful view of garden can be your best recommendation where so many botanic gardens available in every country especially America. One of them is Santa Barbara Botanic Garden that may can be your greatest place to go.

It’s located in Mission Canyon, Santa Barbara, California, USA and containing over 1000 species of rare and indigenous plants. If you love the natural side of garden, Santa Barbara Botanic Garden is definitely your best choice to go. It’s so large and so amazing, especially for people that want some fresh air after tired about city, home or nuance of glamour places.

Santa Barbara Botanic Garden has been existed for so many years, was founded in 1926. Nowadays, Santa Barbara Botanic Garden keep its natural side and has plant breeding programs, with so many new species and plants in that place.  Besides as enjoyable and picnic place, we can say that Santa Barbara Botanic Garden is the right place when you want to see and learn more about plants. Not only you, maybe you can bring your kids or your family to this big garden to see so many species of rare plants and enjoy the visual of the garden itself.

Same like other botanic gardens in America or Australia, Santa Barbara Botanic Garden is promising and really great for the place you find your own inspiration. Fresh air, view of mountain or trees, green here and there with so many unique plants for your picnic eyes, we totally guarantee Santa Barbaca Botanic Garden is a rare experience you should really feel and visit. Let’s go and see the beautiful atmosphere of this place as soon as possible!

3 Garden for Leisure in South Jakarta

3 Garden for Leisure in South Jakarta

On vacation to children might not be the first choice for the citizens of Jakarta is considering limited open land green. In fact, there is still the lho cool gardens, you might not know about. In addition to the garden as a place of recreation can also be a place of exercise, a fun excursion options at once healthy. The following three grounds in South Jakarta which is ideal for relaxing and tiredness. Yuk, a picnic to the Park!

Garden Tebet

Garden Tebet or also known as the garden of Tebet Honda, located between West Tebet Raya Street and Road East Tebet, South Jakarta. In addition to stunning views of Green through the plants and trees, here you can also work out, because there are tools free fitness wear, the Badminton arena, as well as a jogging track. There is also a reflection, therapy facilities, lho!

Garden Tabebuya Garden formerly Cave, its location in the area of Jagakarsa, South Jakarta. The Park was jasa taman jogja named Tabebuya because of this park many plants tabebuya(Chrysotricha). In addition there are a variety of games such as swings and slides, in the park there is also a gazebo, perfect for really hot time to relax in the sting. You also can unwind sitting on the edge of the Lake.

Before direfungsi into the garden of Mataram, originally this place was a public fueling station (GAS STATION). Located in the street of Mataram Kingdom, South Jakarta, Mataram, the garden now is a pleasant public space with a variety of facilities, such as lawn chairs and children’s play area. Ideal for relaxing in the afternoon while conversing with your spouse.

Nepenthes (Nepenthes) is a plant that is unique and different from plants in generalbecause it belongs to the plant the plant namely karnivore Insectivores. The tips of the leaves form a swirl and swell so it resembles a bag to feed on flying insects and ants until older frogs are being jumped. The bottom of the bag containing the liquidenzymes that turn off insects and animals.
Nepenthes grows in nutrient-poor areas and acid. The regional spread of endemicNepenthes, among others, in the area of tropical rainforest in Borneo and Sumatra.Distribution of Nepenthes is vast, ranging from the coastal region who heat up to the plateau in the mountains.

The old bike to sweeten the display Garden

The old bike to sweeten the display Garden

Children also need an accessory to sweeten it looks. However, when at home, no grounds could still decorated with other objects. One of them, utilizing the former objects at home. The former objects selected any course should be interesting with the shape or appearance which is already fixed. Among the large number of objects, oldbikes is one of the objects that are widely used to beautify the grounds.

Never seen a bicycle is in the garden and is surrounded by pots-potting plants? A display like that could also be featured in the garden jasa taman of your home. Basket or a seat at the back of the bike can be a container to put the potted plants. If the bicycle does not have a cart, install a Board in the area of the saddle as a place to put the plant.

Previously, the bike can be cleaned and painted it back, especially when you want toperform a new bike. However, if you want to accentuate its age, it is quite clear thebike. Afterwards, you need to figure out where to put the pot and the number of plants that will be placed in the body of the bike. If the bike has a basket, will certainly be easier. However, if does not exist, you can create a wooden cart and put in the back seat. Another way, by placing a Board or wooden beams at the top of the bike so that the potted plants can be placed in parallel.

Next, think of anyway where the bikes will be put. Preferably, choose an area that can accentuate its presence, such as trees and walls. In addition, when the old bike doesn’t appeal to You, metal or other materials can be designed to resemble a bike. Thus, two-wheeled vehicle is ready to transport the pot-gorgeous potted plants in the garden!