3 Garden for Leisure in South Jakarta

3 Garden for Leisure in South Jakarta

On vacation to children might not be the first choice for the citizens of Jakarta is considering limited open land green. In fact, there is still the lho cool gardens, you might not know about. In addition to the garden as a place of recreation can also be a place of exercise, a fun excursion options at once healthy. The following three grounds in South Jakarta which is ideal for relaxing and tiredness. Yuk, a picnic to the Park!

Garden Tebet

Garden Tebet or also known as the garden of Tebet Honda, located between West Tebet Raya Street and Road East Tebet, South Jakarta. In addition to stunning views of Green through the plants and trees, here you can also work out, because there are tools free fitness wear, the Badminton arena, as well as a jogging track. There is also a reflection, therapy facilities, lho!

Garden Tabebuya Garden formerly Cave, its location in the area of Jagakarsa, South Jakarta. The Park was jasa taman jogja named Tabebuya because of this park many plants tabebuya(Chrysotricha). In addition there are a variety of games such as swings and slides, in the park there is also a gazebo, perfect for really hot time to relax in the sting. You also can unwind sitting on the edge of the Lake.

Before direfungsi into the garden of Mataram, originally this place was a public fueling station (GAS STATION). Located in the street of Mataram Kingdom, South Jakarta, Mataram, the garden now is a pleasant public space with a variety of facilities, such as lawn chairs and children’s play area. Ideal for relaxing in the afternoon while conversing with your spouse.

Nepenthes (Nepenthes) is a plant that is unique and different from plants in generalbecause it belongs to the plant the plant namely karnivore Insectivores. The tips of the leaves form a swirl and swell so it resembles a bag to feed on flying insects and ants until older frogs are being jumped. The bottom of the bag containing the liquidenzymes that turn off insects and animals.
Nepenthes grows in nutrient-poor areas and acid. The regional spread of endemicNepenthes, among others, in the area of tropical rainforest in Borneo and Sumatra.Distribution of Nepenthes is vast, ranging from the coastal region who heat up to the plateau in the mountains.

The old bike to sweeten the display Garden

The old bike to sweeten the display Garden

Children also need an accessory to sweeten it looks. However, when at home, no grounds could still decorated with other objects. One of them, utilizing the former objects at home. The former objects selected any course should be interesting with the shape or appearance which is already fixed. Among the large number of objects, oldbikes is one of the objects that are widely used to beautify the grounds.

Never seen a bicycle is in the garden and is surrounded by pots-potting plants? A display like that could also be featured in the garden jasa taman of your home. Basket or a seat at the back of the bike can be a container to put the potted plants. If the bicycle does not have a cart, install a Board in the area of the saddle as a place to put the plant.

Previously, the bike can be cleaned and painted it back, especially when you want toperform a new bike. However, if you want to accentuate its age, it is quite clear thebike. Afterwards, you need to figure out where to put the pot and the number of plants that will be placed in the body of the bike. If the bike has a basket, will certainly be easier. However, if does not exist, you can create a wooden cart and put in the back seat. Another way, by placing a Board or wooden beams at the top of the bike so that the potted plants can be placed in parallel.

Next, think of anyway where the bikes will be put. Preferably, choose an area that can accentuate its presence, such as trees and walls. In addition, when the old bike doesn’t appeal to You, metal or other materials can be designed to resemble a bike. Thus, two-wheeled vehicle is ready to transport the pot-gorgeous potted plants in the garden!

New age mother so 35 years? Don’t worry, this is usually

New age mother so 35 years? Don’t worry, this is usually

The women, who recently became a mother at the age of 35 years, no need to worry, because a study in the journal International Journal of Epidemiology showed pregnancy at that age could make a child born more intelligent.


In that study, children who were born from mothers who are older (35 annual) tend to be better in tests of cognitive ability than those born from young mothers.


“Our study is the first to look at how the cognitive ability of children born to oldermothers shifted over time and what role in this shift,” said study leader Alice Goisis,researchers from the London School of Economics and Political Science.


According to the study, this shift is caused, among others, changes in the characteristics of women who have children at an older age. Older mothers tend to be more disadvantaged than young mothers–for example, they are more educated, tend not to smoke during pregnancy and established his career. This condition is not entirely true in the past.


For the purposes of the study, the researchers analyzed data from three longitudinalstudies in the United Kingdom, namely the National Child Development Study in 1958 British Cohort Study in 1970 and the Millennium Cohort Study of 2001.


The studies tested the cognitive ability of children when they are 10/11 years old. On the study of the 1958 and 1970 known children born to mothers aged 25-29 yearsgaining higher exam numbers than those born of mothers aged 3539 years.


However, the study in 2001 showed the results otherwise. This happens when the researchers incorporated the variable of the economic and social characteristics, so it appears the difference.


This suggests that the changes in the characteristics of women who have children atan older age may be the reason these findings.


Cognitive ability is important for children because it is a strong predictor of how they live their lives in the futurein terms of educational achievement, work and their health,” said Goisis as reported by the Indian Express.

Quick tips on how to Practice Fingering 5 Fingers left and right for beginners

Quick tips on how to Practice Fingering 5 Fingers left and right for beginners

Learn finger Gymnastics guitar “fingering” to smoothen the melodic guitar, fingerstyle and passage by using five fingers did have to rehearse every day in so that we can finger fingers lues Regency (between the pinkie and ring finger split) play in the fingerboard using either engineering speed, swippicking or fingerstyle.

Well how practicing the correct fingering so that a finger can be quickly put on thesenargitar between the right and left of that is you have to divide your finger with the amount of guitar strings like below.

little finger = strings 1
ring finger = string 2
middle finger = strings 3
index finger = 4 strings
thumb = 5th and 6th strings

Well, why the placement of fingers on the strings is important?

Because the existence of the Division as above makes it easy to work our gitar akustik murah fingers. Often Many Budding guitarists who only uses only the thumb and index finger plucked guitar strings in. Whether it’s wrong wrong? Of course not but we should pay attention to technical facet.

Once we know how to position our fingers on the strings, and how to train it?

Note the picture below finggering Tab

You can use this pattern to practice your Fingering every morning

Well, now begin the fifth move your fingers. Indeed it was initially hard but if often trained and actively practice no its not possible to do

The term engineering guitar Arpeggios and sometimes guitarist for sweepicking is often considered the same, in fact Trknik is different.
What is Seweep Picking and Arpegio?
Seweep Picking “sweeping” is a technique of the right hand to pluck the strings in IEby means such as sweep or sweep top to bottom or vice versa. While the Arpeggiosare the order of the basic tone or Chord from a quotation in one by one sequentially.

There are countless models of Arpegio

The technique of Tapping this relatively very popular Arpegio among guitarists in particular neoclassical guitarists. as Guthrie Govan.
The technique itself is a form of combined technique of tapping and string skippingso difficulty levels arguably complicated.

8 Guitar technique is a mainstay Guitarists Metalcore and Hardcore

8 Guitar technique is a mainstay Guitarists Metalcore and Hardcore

Talk music metalcore certainly not off the rock distortion and lick likc-melody guitar technique as well as complicated and fast in bring by the guitarist. songs such as Trivium, Avanged sevenfold, As I Lay Dying etc.

According to wikipedia, the Metalcore genre derived from hardcore so not includedin the genre of metal. But how his name could be “Metalcore”? It turns out that thisgenre was formerly named Metallic-Hardcore so media named the genre with Metalcore.

Apasih guitar technique is a mainstay of the guitarist in Metal core and harcore?
Here are the 8 techniques mainstay Guitarists Metalcore and Hardcore version

1. the Downstroke-Upstroke was the basic technique of picking. Usually in fast picking using metalcore. Read also how to train post picking is simple.

2. Pinch harmonic is a technique that uses a pick and assisted with the thumb as theproducers tone harmonic. This was done a split second after you pluck the strings followed by a slight touch with the thumbs. Read the study guides Pinch Harmonic

3 Lick-lick Arpeggios arpeggios technique is modified such that it forms a beautifultone. It is usually placed in the chorus but not closing the possibility at the intro or ending part. You can hear it in the Trivium songs.

4. the harmony of the two guitars is a technique that combines the harmony of the two gitar akustik terbaik forming the rhythm guitar. That’s why almost all of the metalcore band use twoguitarists. To understand the harmony between the two guitars, you have a little idea about scale-specific scale that makes it easy to find the tone-tone harmoninya.

5. Tremolo Picking is almost the same as the Arternate Picking, tremolo variation can usually distinguish when there’s 1 tone in the quotation on a frequent basis (over and over) and fast.

6. the Power Chord of almost all music genres of metal and hardcore ber using power chord techniques, read the description of learning power chord

7. String Skipping With Palm Muting. This technique is often used in metal songs like the song Unholi Confenssions (Avanged Sevenfold) and Like Light To The File (Trivium)

8. Finger Tapping techniques that played without using a pick or pickers, but ratherwith the way the fingers of both hands are in the neck of the guitar, then the technique of tapping this could also be called a Two Handed technique. This tapping technique based on the technique of slur i.e. Hammer-On and Pull-Off combined with the Tap on the right hand.

The city of Pontianak have “Digulis Extreme Park” for young people

The city of Pontianak have Digulis Extreme Park for young people

The Mayor of Pontianak, Sutarmidji, inaugurated the Digulis Extreme Park in the Park Digulis Untan, Sunday.


Digulis Extreme Park is the arena attraction bicycle BMX users. According to number one in the city of Pontianak, the arena is one of completeness for channeling hobbies and creativity of the young generation especially in Pontianak do BMX bike extreme attractions.


BMX park as the event to forge attitudes of the younger generation. I wants young kids it’s not brave, Pontianak sluggish spirit, “he said in Pontianak.


BMX arena is just one part of the many needs of the younger generation in funneling his hobby. For that, go Sutarmidji, City Government (City Government) Pontianak is constantly working to meet the needs of the young generation requiredPontianak.


He hopes, the existence of BMX Park is capable of bearing seeds athletes from those who have creativity in harnessing bike BMX in particular.


“This is also part of the campaign is fond of cycling in the city of Pontianak,” he said.


Mayors of two periods this ask campaign is fond of cycling among the people of Pontianak has continued to repeatedly undertaken. The goal, in addition to reducing air pollution, also so that the community of Pontianak remained healthy.


“If a healthy community, cost for expenses in the field of health also declining because it is more expensive to treat than to maintain good health, imbuh Sutarmidji.


In addition, the City Government‘s efforts in support of the campaign in Pontianakwas fond of cycling by providing bicycle lane as much as possible. Though not yet the whole of the available road bike lanes, but every road widening will be complemented with the provision of bicycle lanes. In fact, to the front sidewalkpavement, especially those that have a space wide enough, will be used partly to the bike path so that safer for bicycle users.


But unfortunately, said Sutarmidji, there is still some motorists, both two-wheeled orfour-wheeled, which does not respect the special bike lanes.


It should be, there are no bicycle users in those lines, lines that should be free frommotor vehicles,” he said.


In that occasion, the Mayor of gives a bicycle to a child at the time of the inauguration of the BMX Park. Himself indeed have long noticed the child every afternoon in the garden of Digulis. Every child wants to play, he often borrowed a friend’s bicyclebecause she doesn’t have a bike.


Yesterday I was already intent on giving him a bicycle so that she’s more spirited. If he’s in love with BMX Park, maybe she at any time so potential athletes for their achievements, “he said.

Outdoor Kit You Need To Package The Open Water

Outdoor Kit You Need To Package The Open Water

The question for long. What I wear? Swimming you may to speed up but you must have proper water open swimming kit. Well, don’t worry because we’ve got that covered.

Open water is different from a big hug from a pool. To swim in it, you need a few extra bits so here is a beginners guide to open-water swimming kit.

Top five outdoor open air kit

Silicone CAP is so important that every time you go swimming in the open jasa pembuatan kolam renang water you are wearing brightly colored silicone Cap. Yes, you might look like a religious, buta Hat will keep your head warm. More importantly it will ensure you are easily visible in the water.
Wetsuits wetsuits help to keep you warm, even in the summer. United Kingdom not known for warm water temperature. They also help make your buoyancy, which is more secure and help you to swim faster.
Practice in open water several times before it races or major events. Wetsuit changes position your body in the water, so that the practice will help you get used to it.

Ill-fitting suit can put you because it makes you fight water rather than swimming.Wetsuits can be purchased or Rented online. If not find a triathlon clothing store asthey will be designed for swimming.

Boots, gloves and socks
OK, these are the three ponds kit open water, but they do the same thing. In cold water you need to keep your hands and feet warm to avoid pain or injury. Many people wear shoes, socks, boots and gloves.

Striking a balance between keeping warm and able to swim well. Staff will be able to advise you on what will best suit your needs.

sunglasses cozy area must-have piece of kit is an open pool of water. Glasses with lots of rubber will add to your comfort.

Is it sunny days You may want to consider color or mirror lenses. This will help eliminate sunlight and let you see more clearly.

Lubricants or husk sticks
A wetsuit can get uncomfortable during long swims. It rubs your skin and can create an uncomfortable rash. Lubricants or anti-stick lubricants can help.

The stick looks like a stick of deodorant. They hold the wax-like substances that help protect your skin from irritation. You apply the same way as deodorant. Both are available in specialist shops to swim.

Guide To Making A Pool At Home

Guide To Making A Pool At Home

For those of us who swim, hobbi has its own swimming pool at home so it’s a goodway out. in fact the dimimpikan has its own swimming pool very coveted every one.generally when we visited a House that has its own swimming pool, certainly appears to be the pronunciation of something like this, wow cool his house has its own swimming pool.

Patio Or Pool Deck
A lot of the exit make a patio or pool deck to design an indoor jasa pembuat kolam renang. for example a terrace with wooden deck, floor with natural rocks, stone stepping value is neatly furnished, or terrace that blends with the building of the House. determination of natural stone as stone palimanan stone can also apply some companions. needs in the notice that is the terrace we make must be anti skid or not slippery. Surelysafety and comfort so it is important when creating the pool.

Give a natural touch by administering some vegetation such as coconut trees (cocos nucifera), Cambodia (plumeria rubra acutifolia obtusa,, or), red Erythrina Variegata(erythrina crista galli), or banana fan can so a good choice to follow something.

The Height Of The Floor Surface
Then try the pool height or level not higher than the patio or pool deck. Why? the answer is to the convenience of the users of the pool (please see picture on points after that). If when a friend makes the stairs leading into the swimming pool.

Edging Or The Banks Of A Pond
Use the pool that does not taper. the rim or good good edging rounded on its corners. the aim for security in the swimming pool. create an elegant outdoor existence.This is intended so that the pool more easily in the sides of the cleaning or maintenance. but when a friend happy with square or rectangular form is very very likely also kok.

Water Depth
Depth to design a swimming pool for adults that I recommend on 1, 4 mtr. to 2mtr.. or can integrate both make ramp as its separator. but for the children’s swimming pool, depth no more 0, kian 5 mtr

When has steps or ladders in the pool, the height of the stairs not strive increasinglymore 18, 5 cm. height is comfortable as well as recommended in the design of the House, building or in the design of the Park.

Give the floor surface of the pond that is not slippery. natural stone with a rough surface so it’s also a good choice. I recommend wearing stone sukabumi or green stone, is due to have a structure and a bright green color when in the water. tiled floorswith unique structure can also be applied when best friends happy by design mosaics. In addition, stay away from outrageously tapered form. the goal of this pond notcare so outrageously difficult

Water And Circulation
pool water with a good circulatory system give support comfort on the swimming pool. the granting of a water spill or overflow the banks ‘ > poolside, could add to the comfortable situation in the area. companions can wear the stone temples as the edge of the overflow. as I have pointed out in the picture beside. on the wall are pictures of overflow stack stone wear to emit the sound of running water.

Chastened, the public still devouring unhealthy food

Chastened, the public still devouring unhealthy food

Indonesia still proved to be recalcitrant communities because many of them often devour food that is not good for health.


The consumption of foods that are not very recommended is still high, at least eaten three times a week, based on a study by researcher Helda Khusun from SEAMEO-REFCON in 864 men and women aged 18-45 years in East Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Makassar and Medan.


The urban people’s consumption patterns to look out for,” said Helda in Jakarta onWednesday.


As much as 77.4 respondents still frequently consumed drinks flavoured with sweet, fried foods (74.5 per cent), confectionery (37.7 percent) and chips (27.9 percent).


Unhealthy eating habits plus the lack of physical activity can influence the risk of obesity.


Nutritional Medical Doctors Association Chairman Indonesia Elvina Karyadi advocated for eating a nutritious diet balanced in intake is right, then exercising to burn the excess calories in the body.


Men who are watching tv or working on the computer for more than 6 hours per day at risk obese 1.5 times larger.


Meanwhile, the womenfolk who never had a fat risk sports up to 3 times more likelythan those who did physical activity is high.


Scientists from Australia reveal the consumption of probiotics may be just a little benefit or even samasekali is not beneficial for the body, when you’re eating healthy foods.


In a study, researchers tested the effects of probiotics in mice. They found that micefed a high-calorie junk food not only becoming obese, but also get the benefits of probiotics that marked changes in the gastrointestinal tract and an increased brain function.


However, in mice who were given food-healthy foods, thus experiencing a memorydisorder while the probiotic effect conferring only the bare minimum for their digestive system.


Researchers study, Professor Margaret Morris, said that probiotics can be helpful when you are consuming the food-the food is quite unhealthy.


“But if you eat healthy foods, probiotics can be helpful,” said Morris.

Tasting burgers ala Dian Sastrowardoyo in MAM’s restaurant

Tasting burgers ala Dian Sastrowardoyo in MAM‘s restaurant

Healthy food can also be delicious in the tongue, that’s the concept in the restaurant which provides full dining MAM nutrients without preservatives.


One of the specialty of this restaurant was The Disastr Burger that so signature styleDian Sastrowardoyo, one of the founders of MAM.


Their burgers are made from whole wheat bread, it consists of a double wagyu meat and cheese plus two layers of caramelized onion.


Its name is taken from the appearance of the cluttered, but it tastes delicious even though the shape is not guaranteed as attractive as the burger in a restaurant fast.


In addition to burgers is healthy, there is also El Patron Burger which contains chicken meat as well as jicanna and mango slaw. Fish lovers can taste Big Wave burger, fish fillet burger with tartar sauce.


There is also a K-pop typical bulgogi meat sandwich Korea, J-pop sandwich contains chicken seasoning teppanyaki menu as well as the rice bowl of K-pop and J-pop Bowl Bowl.


Rice here consists of a choice of brown or red rice that are rich in fiber. The whole burger and sandwiches made from wheat with hand-made sauces.


There are five types of secret sauce that depicts every character of the founder of the restaurant: p. Hunny Bunny (the classic mustard sauce honey), Ms. Snow Patrol (classic sauce mayo), Ms. Holy Herb (a spicy gochujang sauce), Ms. Fire Hazard (spicy sauce) and Ms. Dina-Art (tartar sauce).


MAM was taken from the usual dining term pronounced in the language of everyday conversation. Rena say MAM can also mean Mothers and Mrs. because its founderis a mother. In addition, children are also used to call his mother as “mam“.


The founders of MAM is the people who are behind the 3 Skinny Minnies, caterers of healthy food that has been running for the past three years: Dian Sastrowardoyo, Tana Suwardhono, Reina Latief Vardhana, Jessica Halim Alamsyah Hardiman and Princess.


We want to share healthy foods that are typically just create customers catering toa wider audience,” said Dian in the media gathering in Jakarta on Wednesday.


Dian describes whole foods in MAM made from fresh ingredients prepared tangah, without food coloring and preservatives.


According to Dian, the foods that are on the same as MAM food served, he and his companions for loved ones at home. The concept of the House is also embodied in the interiors are made as if the visitors are staying at home.


The food at this restaurant is similar but not the same as the cereal in catering 3 Skinny Minnies.


The food here is not a healthy food that makes thin, but emphasise healthy foods from natural materials,” explains Reina.


Meanwhile, foods that are provided in 3 Skinny Minnies indeed created specifically for a specific purpose, for example to deal with body or lower blood sugar.