Advantages and Disadvantages of Living in Studio Apartment

Advantages and Disadvantages of Living in Studio Apartment

The existence of vertical housing increasingly mushrooming in the center and periphery of the Capital. With the concept of building and price tags are varied, you can choose the unit that suits your needs.

Of course, the location becomes a high determinant of the low price offered by the developer. The closer to the business center, the selling price will obviously be more expensive. Among the several types on offer, studio units are often the best-selling product hunted by consumers.

In addition to the affordable price, the breadth is perfect for those who are single or newly married couples. In one room, you can do many activities. Starting from sleeping, eating, and relaxing. Generally rumah sederhana studio units have bulkhead that limits to the bathroom space.

Interested in buying this compact unit? Check out the advantages and disadvantages, in the adaptation of

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Moving to a studio unit can be a frugal option for those who want to live alone or with roommates. For some apartments in Jakarta, rental rates for studio apartments can be 30 percent cheaper than a two-bedroom unit. Maintenance fees (maintenance / service fee) studio units are certainly cheaper than staying in units of two or three bedrooms.

In addition, you can more efficient decorate or set the room temperature. For example, want to install air conditioning, set the lighting in one corner, or add wallpaper decoration, you can set without spending a lot of cost.

Lastly, the advantages of living in the apartment is, you do not need to tire-tired cleaning apartment units. With an area ranging from 20 square meters to 40 square meters, you just take less than 15 minutes to sweep, mop up to clean the dust on the sidelines of the room. Very practical, right?

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Disadvantages of living in a studio apartment

Although completely practical and save costs, but apparently there are some shortcomings that are owned by studio apartments.

For those of you who are accustomed to living in a treadmill, moving into a studio unit can be a bit tedious and make a little stress. This is because the area is very minimal, so you are forced to reduce luggage from the old house to 50 percent.

If you usually have a lot of stuff to keep in the house unit, now you should be more selective in choosing items stored in studio apartments. Here the expertise to organize the goods or design a minimalist closet to be a challenge for you to solve.

Some studio apartments have a very small gross area. Because of the narrowness, you should be more creative arranging space to look broad if staying with a spouse or roommate.

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