3 Garden for Leisure in South Jakarta

3 Garden for Leisure in South Jakarta

On vacation to children might not be the first choice for the citizens of Jakarta is considering limited open land green. In fact, there is still the lho cool gardens, you might not know about. In addition to the garden as a place of recreation can also be a place of exercise, a fun excursion options at once healthy. The following three grounds in South Jakarta which is ideal for relaxing and tiredness. Yuk, a picnic to the Park!

Garden Tebet

Garden Tebet or also known as the garden of Tebet Honda, located between West Tebet Raya Street and Road East Tebet, South Jakarta. In addition to stunning views of Green through the plants and trees, here you can also work out, because there are tools free fitness wear, the Badminton arena, as well as a jogging track. There is also a reflection, therapy facilities, lho!

Garden Tabebuya Garden formerly Cave, its location in the area of Jagakarsa, South Jakarta. The Park was jasa taman jogja named Tabebuya because of this park many plants tabebuya(Chrysotricha). In addition there are a variety of games such as swings and slides, in the park there is also a gazebo, perfect for really hot time to relax in the sting. You also can unwind sitting on the edge of the Lake.

Before direfungsi into the garden of Mataram, originally this place was a public fueling station (GAS STATION). Located in the street of Mataram Kingdom, South Jakarta, Mataram, the garden now is a pleasant public space with a variety of facilities, such as lawn chairs and children’s play area. Ideal for relaxing in the afternoon while conversing with your spouse.

Nepenthes (Nepenthes) is a plant that is unique and different from plants in generalbecause it belongs to the plant the plant namely karnivore Insectivores. The tips of the leaves form a swirl and swell so it resembles a bag to feed on flying insects and ants until older frogs are being jumped. The bottom of the bag containing the liquidenzymes that turn off insects and animals.
Nepenthes grows in nutrient-poor areas and acid. The regional spread of endemicNepenthes, among others, in the area of tropical rainforest in Borneo and Sumatra.Distribution of Nepenthes is vast, ranging from the coastal region who heat up to the plateau in the mountains.

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